Toddler Recipes That Are Suitable for the Whole Family

The Importance of Toddler Recipes

There are many toddler recipes which are delicious, nutritious and easy to prepare. As a matter of fact, some of the simple toddler recipes can be prepared for other members of your family. When you look at the processed baby food available on the market, you might think that baby food should be prepared in a special way to keep its nutrients. This is not true – actually it is just an advertising strategy to attract mothers to buy their products. You can simply prepare delicious meals and even snacks for your own kitchen. Here are some for you to discover.

Discover Toddler Recipes that They’ll LIKE

One of the tastiest toddler recipes is the toddler meatballs. You might be surprised later on because other members of the family might even like the meatballs! Therefore, you should consider preparing enough for everybody. Additionally, meatballs can be frozen for a whole month without decreasing the nutritional value. What you need to do is to buy two pounds of ground beef or turkey (make sure to look for grain fed or USDA certified). At In Shape Mommy we believe it’s important to find the right meats . Mix it with a little salt, a handful of dried basil and a tablespoon of chopped garlic. Using your hands, shape the beef into small balls and put them on a baking tray. It’s best if you use a non-stick tray. Bake the meatballs for half an hour. This is definitely one of the simplest and tastiest toddler recipes you can prepare!

Now we know that some children are picky, so meatballs may not be excellent choice for everyone. But it’s a common recipe that toddlers seem to enjoy. It’s important to find out what healthy foods your toddler does enjoy and then base creative ideas on how to serve those foods. There are plenty of healthy toddler recipes that can be found.

Additional Toddler Recipes that Taste Great

You can also create snacks using simple toddler recipes. For example, you can prepare a delicious avocado dish in just a few minutes. What you need to do is to prepare a simple salad – you can use tuna, egg or chicken (again remember to look for organic or grain fed whenever possible). Then, cut the avocado in half and take out its seed. You should prepare a batch of avocados to serve for the whole family member because this recipe is delicious! For your toddler, you can slice the avocado and feed him or her together with the salad. For others, let them scoop by themselves. All in all, the above toddler recipes are suitable to be eaten by the whole family – for sure it alleviates you from doing extra work in the kitchen!

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